hello, new friend


Life is made up of moments--happy, intense, exciting, painful, lonely, wild. It's always been comforting to me that no matter what else exists, we only ever have to manage one moment at a time, no matter what the following one entails. And moment by moment we construct our lives and cherish the catalogues of images that make up our memories. That's why photos are so magnetic--we can anchor ourselves to a captured visual and find that the seconds we will keep are often ones found in a lens.

A photograph becomes the voice of a memory.

Your vision is extraordinary. You're here--seeking the means to perpetuate your love, your style, or your event, and that is beautiful. I am honored to have caught your eye. Hello, I'm Jenn.


About Me
I'm a graphic designer by day, and a love photographer by end-of-day--particularly when I can catch a sunset. I unintentionally learned a lot of my photographic skill by believing I was going to be a tea-sipping creative director in a loft somewhere, and putting in the exciting, sleepy, passionate, irritating, rewarding hours to do it. 

I was able to translate my knowledge of layouts and logos to the proportions and balance of photography. The similarities are boundless, but the differences are equally so; I went from blissfully hunching over a laptop in a dark room at 2am to blissfully hunching over a laptop in a dark room at 2am after having a magical day with a couple in love.

You could say the difference made all the difference. When you can make your Person laugh, and I get to help you remember that particular laugh for the rest of your life, that's the high that draws me in. 

I love to laugh and get deep; don't talk to me about how the weather's been. Talk to me about how the rain always made you feel a little melancholy until you took a hammock nap one day and woke to the earthy smell of a sunshower and you realized what peace meant. Tell me about the first time you met your fiancee, how her pout made her freckled nose crinkle or his hair fell in his eyes while he awkwardly pretended not to be checking you out (but he was, and you could tell).

I'm going on and on.

Want to inquire about my services, or maybe just be friends? Let's chat.