hello, new friend


Jenn, what's your deal?
I'm a designer + photographer + nice person based in Philadelphia, PA! 

Okay, but like, what's your THING?
I like to shoot in a way that brings out your smile that happens when you really mean it, or the way you fiddle with your hair when your partner says something real cute about you. I like to make people laugh, and I like to do it when the sunshine is orange after we've had a cup of coffee. I like to make art with people who also like to make art, or at least like to have a fun time.

And for the search engines?
I work in a photojournalistic style that captures who you are, what you want to share, and what's important to you.

Why you? I mean, you sound fantastic, but why hire you for my thing that I'm doing?
I've spent most of my life being deeply involved in visual arts. As a designer, I've delved into the world of composition and balance, which translates beautifully to the art of taking a photograph. I had the good fortune to grow up with an award-winning photographer father, who lovingly nudged me towards his cameras since I was young enough to carelessly break them. A counter-question, dear reader, would you like to embark on a creative journey? Do you like my work? Do you want to meet for coffee and just chat? 

Okay... So about the work itself. Do you deliver every image you shoot?
Oh heck no. I want you to have the very best of my work; I shoot a lot of photographs, so I'll do the work of getting rid of those that are out of focus, contain undesirable expressions, or are doubled, etc. I also edit and retouch every single image I send to you.

Wait, what do you mean by edit and retouch?
I process each photo to make sure it lives up to the quality, aesthetic, and style you anticipated upon hiring me. This requires me to work with the tonalities, colors, and details of the set. I also do advanced editing upon request (and at an additional charge); this might mean something like Photoshopping out an object, removing blemishes or bags under the eyes, or placing an elegantly poised whale in the middle of your reception.

  How long does it take for you to edit the photos?
For an engagement/lifestyle session, post-production takes 3-4 weeks. For weddings, it takes 4-6 weeks. I also send along a preview set of a few of my favorites within the first two weeks after a session/wedding. Hooray, right!?

Do you do creative photography that isn't couple-based?
Yes! I love trying new things and working with passions. I've previously done creative shoots in abandoned places, parks, with neon, with smoke bombs, with pets, and more.  

Wanna be friends?
I'd love to! What a funny platform to make friends on, I'm so into it!