a sunshine kind of love by Jenn Alford


Matt + Sam and I shot together a few weeks ago in the chilliness of spring. Now, with almost exactly a year to go until their wedding date, we found new magic in the golden hour and the greenery of growing summer.

This shoot was really special to me--we hadn't been planning on taking any photos and few things were aligning for it. My camera's battery was barely charged and blinking red; I had my bird on my shoulder nibbling at my camera strap; Sam asked with sparkling laughter if I could Photoshop a stain off of her shirt. But suddenly, a ray of yellow sunlight lit the garden around us.

"Let's take a flower walk?" I suggested, and Sam gleefully began describing the blooms around us that would in a mere year be of the same patch that would liven the centerpieces at her wedding.

"We don't have eucalyptus, so we'll just use sage," Sam informs me before surprising her fiancee with a trust-fall, hurdling them both into mischievous laughter. Their new puppy, Luca, is excited at the commotion and all but hops into her mother's arms, while the older pup, Chloe, looks on wisely.


matt + sam's engagement by Jenn Alford


Two of my favorite people in the world are getting married. They asked me to follow them around on a cold and cloudy day and when the sun broke through just as the country felt hues of orange and violet, we ran uphill, shivering, to catch the light.


Sun and Air by Jenn Alford


She likes left behind places. She likes the touch of forgotten textures and the adrenaline when she wonders "are we alone?" The sun shines through her hair and she is alive, and I am alive, and we are in a dead place.


graduates by Jenn Alford

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 5.12.28 PM.png

I photographed a couple of ladies as they had a small celebration of their college graduations. Each of them shared with me their incredible plans for the next stages in their educational careers and I was blown away at the ambition.

Good luck, Ashley, Janet, and Raagni!


Huda + Chris' Maternity by Jenn Alford


I had the incredible honor of taking Huda and Chris' maternity photos. The two are a vibrant and quirky couple that made my job so easy--every move they made was more photogenic than the one before.


Emery + Lucy by Jenn Alford

Keila in the trainyard by Jenn Alford


I get to work with Keila pretty much whenever both of us feel like it, which makes for some really creative adventures. This time, we decided to head to an old trainyard in New Hope.

We climbed up through a window or two so we could get into some cars demolished by time. Overall, an entirely successful day with brilliant pops of color and a few more edgy shots.


Heather by Jenn Alford

Elle by Jenn Alford

Kelly + Kristin by Jenn Alford

Max + Sebastian by Jenn Alford