Photos For:
Happy People


With Creative

And I don’t mean just artists. Creativity is about what you do that makes someone smile and what sort of things you think about a the bus stop when you forget your phone at home. How do you dance when your favorite song comes on? What’s your favorite feature on your love’s face? Do you ever imagine yourself in slow motion when you’re taking off your sunglasses?

Who Like
to Explore

What better way to spend an otherwise empty afternoon than saying “I wonder what’s in here”? Moments of curiosity are often rewarded if you know how to look. Even if you don’t, don’t you think it’s worth a try?


And Who
Enjoy Food

Or, at the very least, who don’t
mind if I snack a lot near them.


Potential questions:

Who are you really? What do you like to do? What’s a good thing to fidget with? What’s your favorite dessert? How about breakfast? How about time of day? Where did you love going as a kid? Have you gone there recently? Where’s your happy place? How do you get there?

Have we met?
(I’m Jenn)

Above Everything Else, Though:


Would you like to make something beautiful together?